You can’t make cheesecake from snow…

You can't make cheesecake from snow
Inuit little girl

You can’t make cheesecake from snow… This is an expression from the Inuit community, a group of indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and eastern Siberia. It means to work with what you have.

Expressions often reflect the culture – and the climate – from which they originate. This pearl of wisdom incorporates one of North America’s favourite desserts, but neatly ties it to the omnipresence of the snow and the bitterly cold Arctic landscape.

My children’s school was closed today and my husband came home mid-morning from the office. Weather forecasters had been predicting the snowfall all week; they were right – almost to the hour. I was prepared for today’s white-out; there’s enough food and drink in the house to sink a ship, should we be “snowed in” for several days.

One of the beauties of weather throwing your routine into disarray is there is nothing you can do: you simply have to work with what you have. You can’t make cheesecakes from snow; I must tell the kids…

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