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Guest blog – Alice Elliott

Guest blogging at www.proofedbylinds.co.uk is very welcome.

My first guest is Alice Elliott, aka the Fairy Blog Mother. Alice is the perfect person to officially declare my guest blog series “officially open”! Here’s what she says about writing to make yourself understood.

As a blogger it’s important to be able to communicate effectively. That’s what a blog is all about: communicating with your readers. Actually it’s also about conversations, since social media is all about being sociable, so a blog transcribes your conversation online with your readers and feeds it to your followers on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you hang out on the net.

The concept of conversations in the written form is perhaps difficult to grasp, but it is vital in today’s society. We have all acquired short attention spans and have developed to subconsciously glean huge amounts of information at a rate unheard of even 30 years ago. Therefore communication needs to be made easy, quick and convenient in this fast-moving world of ours.

Listen to this podcast where I explain about comprehensive communication in a radio interview: writing to make yourself understood.

What you write is also important to aid understanding. Not everybody has a degree, or has ventured into intellectual expansion. Look at the language used in popular newspapers and listened to in TV programmes, search out which words are more frequently found in books and magazines, and find out which issues spark off trends or match with what people are talking about.

It’s important to think carefully about the kind of audience you want to attract before you start to write, especially if you want to succeed. Suitable research into how your readers think and what they expect will not only make it easier for you, but may make the difference in having what you’ve written actually read at all!


About the author:
Alice Elliott‘s alter ego is the Fairy Blog Mother. She provides easy to understand tuition in WordPress and blogging, where it is important to explain technology in ordinary, everyday language to all would-be bloggers at any level. She also offers a build and design service for WordPress blogs and websites, to create a fully functional and attractive blog for you to write in!

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Alice Elliott is an online marketer who has been passionate about blogging since 2006. She created the Fairy Blog Mother brand to train, explain and create awareness of blogs using ordinary, everyday language in easy to understand workshops and courses. She also designs WordPress websites which are fully functional for all your digital marketing requirements.

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  1. I’m highly impressed with your writing skills and in addition while using format for ones web site. Is it a new given motif or maybe do you customize the idea on your own? Anyhow continue to be within the wonderful high-quality writing, it’s unusual to seem a nice site like this one today.

    • Thank you very much, Roberto. This is a customised website to my own design. This was a guest post from Alice Elliott aka. Fairy Blog Mother. I am pleased you enjoyed it and that you like the general feel of the website as a whole. Again, thank you.

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