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As part of my marketing strategy to promote my copywriting & blogging business, I spend some of my time networking. As a result, I have met some wonderful people working in all sorts of businesses. With my innate interest in “all things business” I invited Daria Masterman, Bookkeeper at Rosemary Bookkeeping, to tell me her business story. Here it is…



Bookkeeper, Daria Masterman
Daria Masterman, Bookkeeper

Daria Masterman has over 14 years’ experience working as a bookkeeper. Listening to Daria talk to me about how she is totally at home with the ins and outs of a business’s figures, I can see she would bring a unique mix of calm efficiency and order to any client she looks after.

Daria was born and raised in Russia. Later on, she spent a number of years in the Czech Republic where she established and ran several businesses, including a restaurant and jewellery shop. Daria worked at her best in the “engine room”; she found she was naturally adept at compliance, purchasing and sales. Setting up as a bookkeeper under the Rosemary Bookkeeping banner shortly after moving to the UK was the next natural step as bookkeeping played to her strengths.

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the term used to describe the recording of a business’s financial transactions. Not to be confused with accounting, bookkeeping is concerned with writing the “daybooks” ie. purchases, sales, receipts and payments. The bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring all transactions are recorded in the correct day book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger and general ledger. Bookkeepers can also calculate and submit VAT returns online – and on time – to the HMRC, conduct bank reconciliations, produce aged debtors and creditors reports. Their role is to bring the books up to a trial balance, at which point they may be presented to the accountant who will produce the profit and loss accounts and the balance sheet.

How can Daria help?

Double-entry bookkeeping
Double-entry bookkeeping

Daria’s client list includes a range of different businesses, including a number of small limited companies. The delivery of the bookkeeping service is exactly the same; it is the scale and complexity of each business that differs. In each case, Daria can take over and run the existing operation from the previous incumbent, introduce and run her own bookkeeping operation or bring a sense of order to the current arrangement.

The magic is that, in all cases, there is no need for the business owner to feel they need to “tidy up” their books in advance of her visit. Daria’s skill is that she brings a system and an approach that is neat, tidy, complete and accurate – but always with an eye to the business and how it is run.

What makes Daria’s bookkeeping service stand out?

Expenses receipts
Business expenses receipts

Daria understands the complexities and priorities of running a business and brings a “leave it with me” and flexible approach to her role. Daria learns about the business and brings the books up to trial balance, but she also produces easy-to-understand reports that meet the differing needs of her clients.

She gains genuine pleasure from helping people in a business context. This might include some “hand-holding” in advance of an HMRC deadline such as a VAT return. She also gave me several examples of when she had unravelled some tax anomaly or supplier/client discrepancy which had worried the business owners. She has the tenacity and the skills to get to the heart of the problem but this also demonstrates her genuine desire to help and support her clients.

What kinds of businesses does Daria work with?

Daria can turn her hand to any business; they all get the same level of care and attention, irrespective of their size. What differs are the circumstances which bring about the need for Daria’s services. The bookkeeper might have retired, the business owner’s partner might have been doing the books or the business has grown to a size where regular bookkeeping has become a necessity. Whether it is a one-off service or an ongoing regular arrangement, Daria’s service flexes to suit.

What’s coming up?

Records and files - bookkeeping
Bookkeeping files & records

It’s that time of year again… The annual self-assessment deadline for self-employed people and company directors to submit their declaration to HMRC is midnight 31st January 2014. A lot of business owners worry about tax return penalties and deadlines. However, with Daria’s experience and knowledge of the complex tax laws, she ensures clients submit accurate declarations on time. She is currently helping new and existing clients with their returns in advance of the January deadline.


If you would like to know more about how Daria Masterman of Rosemary Bookkeeping Bracknell can help you in your business, please email daria.masterman@rosemarybooks.co.uk. Alternatively, please call 07889 460322 or 0118 324 0045.



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Photo credit: NVarchitect / Foter / CC BY-SA, Photo credit: Hey Paul Studios / Foter / CC BY Remainder of photos supplied with kind permission of Daria Masterman.

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    • I am loving my “Writer meets…” series. I am gaining quite an insight into a variety of businesses. And you are certainly right about bookkeepers; they bring a special kind of order to running a business. Thanks very much for commenting. It’s lovely to hear from people on the “reading” end..!

  1. I enjoy your interview style posts so much, largely because they give me a window into work and activities that I don’t know anything about. I couldn’t have told you the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant prior to reading this, so it provides useful insight.

    I really like that Daria does not expect clients to tidy up prior to her arrival. I would imagine that just the thought of having to put their own books in order would make some people hesitate to bring someone into the business to help. Her approach means that she does the work they couldn’t do themselves in the first place.
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