Would you leave your child at the school gates on their first day?

Feeding the baby
Feeding the baby

I’ve got a new baby! I planned and prepared for the safe arrival of my “blog post”… Now I have to take care of it. Like babies, blog posts need rest and warmth – but they also need feeding!

For every post I have written, I have “toyed” with the idea first. Will the concept work? Does the idea have legs? When is the best time to publish? What shall I call it? Once written, the post is proofread, polished, categorised, tagged, optimised, wrapped and bound with eye-catching photographs to bring the words to life. Only then is it time to schedule the delivery!

Within WordPress et al, posts can be automatically scheduled to broadcast across your social media. However, just like the first time you take your child to school, you cannot leave them at the school gates; posts need encouragement and introductions to help them settle into the world wide web.

Independent child
Independent child

Once my blog posts are “brought into the world”, I take additional steps to introduce them to relevant LinkedIn and Facebook groups; I “tweet” under appropriate hashtags, then I let them rest. A while later, I warm them up again – perhaps give them a new coat – and “repackage” them for Twitter under new hashtags and with fresh tweets.

Like every mum with a child in the vibrant school playground, they are hoping their little ones will be “liked”, “shared”, interacted with and commented on. This feeds them and helps them grow into strong, healthy, respected and independent blog posts.

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Lindsay McLoughlin has a love affair with social media. She combines these tools to great effect with her other big love – blogging! She runs a copywriting, blogging, editing and proofreading service at www.proofedbylinds.co.uk. She loves talking to and interacting with anyone that will “listen” over social media. Check out her blog at www.proofedbylinds.co.uk or connect with her on social media. She’d be delighted!

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36 Responses to Would you leave your child at the school gates on their first day?

  1. This is certainly a well nurtured post. If you want what you write to ‘got that little bit further’, it is necessary to put into place a series of functions that will help you achieve it. Not to seem like a ‘pushy mother’, but give your child every possibility to thrive, and it will do so!

  2. I have a similar system for blogging. Some people believe bloggers just sit down, type up their thoughts and feelings and *bam* just like that they get followers and readers but it really isn’t that easy. You and I can both appreciate how much work must be down to get the response we want. I really enjoyed how you made this into a metaphor about children and no I would not leave my children at the front gate on the first day of school.

  3. This is such a neat comparison! It definitely makes it easier to understand. I’ve just recently started doing this, but when I first started blogging all I would do is write a post, and wonder why no one was viewing it.

  4. Wow – Lindsay – you get lots of nice comments! The problem I have with comments is that people often leave them on Facebook rather than on the blog itself! I also wanted to ask you how often you tweet a particular blog? I tend to do two or three but sometimes worry about over-selling the content!

    • Hi Emma – Yes, this one really flew! I agree; it certainly helps if people leave comments on the post itself, but tweeting/sharing/commenting through the other social media is also really helpful. For me, the trick is to use Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook carefully sharing at first, then repeating at different times of the day over a few days. With Twitter, you can certainly step it up! Introduce it with different captions and I love the “In case you missed it!” ones…

  5. Great Post Lindsay! I never thought of it like that, but It’s true, my blog posts are like my children in the sense that I am sharing apart of me for everyone in the world to see. I feel like I’m learning so much as I go along about everything that goes into blogging. If I wanted it to be, I could easily make it into a full time job, with the writing, the social media aspect, so on and so forth…..

  6. Thank you for such wisdom Lindsay! I loved your post, and I’m impressed by your process! I have a lot to learn from you, in terms of caring for my post in the ways that you share. Beautiful! And I love your analogy.. as the mom of 3 girls, I totally get it 😉

  7. Love this Lindsay…I like the way you think…

    “When a child is locked in the bathroom with water running and he says he’s doing nothing but the dog is barking, call 911. ”
    ― Erma Bombeck

    At least blog posts are not capable of turning on the water!

    • Thank you, Manuely. I love blogging and I particularly like the content distribution angle to it. It’s really no different to introducing children to others on the playground. Gentle introductions… Glad you liked the blog. Thank you so much for your comments.

    • Thank you, Tammy. That’s exactly what I do. I use automatic distribution to a certain extent but nothing can beat distributing content across social media through enticing messages in specific places. I love doing this. It provokes different conversation ‘themes’ across the platforms. Thank you so much for your comments.

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