To blog, or not to blog: that is the question

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My guest is Pamela Dale, a life coach, from Vancouver. Pam helps women live empowered lives. I “met” Karen through a LinkedIn blogging group. This is Pam’s view of how blogging can fuel personal growth. Enjoy!

This is a take on the famous Shakespearean quote “To be, or not to be” from the opening line of Hamlet, where he questions the meaning of life when life contains so many hardships; an internal struggle all too familiar in our world today.

We still have similar questions regarding how to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

As we go through life we are pulled in many different directions and over time we can come off course.  Maybe you have lost your way completely and are perhaps a shell of your original self, perhaps even a copy of someone else. You are living a life that no longer fits and an overwhelming feeling of emptiness prevails.

You are yearning for more for yourself, your business and your life.

Where does a person begin to find the answers or the next steps to take?



Image credit: Maria Reyes-McDavis
Image credit: Maria Reyes-McDavis

Yes, I believe there is no better way to finding oneself and the next steps needed than through blogging. Blogging, an online journal, is a fantastic way to do just that.

To be a success in life I believe we need 2 things:

First: we need to be the creators of our lives – not victims

Second: as creators we need to find our voice – our authentic selves

Finding your voice through writing and blogging for the world to see will provide you with both the internal and external feedback that sharpens the intuition and focuses your mind.

(Image Courtesy of futureshape)
(Image Courtesy of futureshape)

Through writing a person will find what works for them and what doesn’t. Over time you will find certain topics will resonate with your soul while others will not. Your writing will pull out into the light what is hidden deep inside. These are great signposts to You.

It is no coincidence that author and authentic have the same root. 

Blogging for me has been a path of not only self-expression but self-fulfillment and has become a journey of self-discovery.

Blogging will change your life.

What do you want to blog about?

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2013 03 Guest Blog - Pamela Dale Profile PicPamela Dale is a certified life coach who guides women through transitions in relationships, career and life through developing a stronger sense of self, igniting their personal power, and connecting them to their values and inner purpose. Humor, compassion and fierce honesty are the driving forces in Pamela’s work as a coach. Her coaching sessions are known for being inspiring, energetic and transformative.  Pamela lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. She publishes The Empowered Woman Letter:

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