Can you sum up 2012 in one word? I think I can…


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Words enter common parlance through different means. Before the digital age, words traditionally entered language through invasion (not so good), and from interaction with foreigners, learning from their culture, and then “borrowing” from their language.

In 2012, I would suggest there is one word that has entered the English language in record time from a different track, based on its spectacular reach, its universal recognition – and its charm. It was the name awarded to a gesture you could do from your armchair or – to give the game away – your stadium seat!

Yes – it’s the mobot!

For me, Mo Farah’s hand-to-head ‘M’ sums up the year 2012, and all its greatness, in one simple engaging gesture. It is at once delightful, universally understood and – now – inextricably linked to one of the greatest Olympian athletes of all time.

Blow me down… there is even a mobot dance! You can see the dance and download the video from The Mo Farah Foundation. The charity seeks to provide food, water, medical care and shelter for children in Somalia.

Mo Farah is a double Olympic champion and the UK’s greatest distance runner – ever. He ran his way into the record books without crossing any borders… just the finishing line within the Olympic Stadium at London 2012, in spectacular style. I would also venture that he provided us with a word for the English language, as well as a dance, in record time, too.

Is there a word that sums up 2012 for you? Is it a word that, in January, would have been meaningless? I would love to hear your 2012 stories.

Photo credit: LondonAnnie / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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  1. I will never forget the night Mo Farah won the 5,000m in London – the whole family was watching and we had 2 little nephews with us too. We were Olympics-mad by this point and we were all on our feet, shouting and screaming at the TV, as Mo tore down the final stretch and refused to let anyone catch him. It was a brilliant magical moment. I’m not sure what my word of the year is, but the name “Wiggo” would have meant nothing to me in January 2012!

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