Spring has sprung in Henley-on-Thames

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Guest Blog

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My guest is Sarah Lorrimer-Riley, (a.k.a The Illustrious Peacock). Sarah is a photographer, based in Henley-on-Thames. In her guest post, she talks about Henley and all its charm – as well as her delightful photographs. I hope you will enjoy this article as much as I did!

Spring is (finally) in the air and what better time to pull on your stripy sailor top, fill up a picnic basket and get yourself to the gorgeous Henley-on-Thames?


In my mind, Henley is one of those rare places that has just a little sprinkle of magic about it.  It is the sort of place where, if you look closely, childhood dreams of talking animals and fairy woodlands might just (if you wiggle your nose and flutter your eyelashes) come true. I can’t quite put my finger on the “Je ne sais quoi” but it is woven (with an extra helping of English eccentricity) deep into the fabric of the place.

There’s an awful lot of things to do in Henley, all year round.  These include hiring a boat from the wonderful Hobbs of Henley and spending a few hours pootling about on the river, actively enjoying one of the many festivals (Henley Festival, Rewind Festival, Henley Literary Festival to name just a few), taking a trip to the fabulous Kenton Theatre, visiting the River and Rowing Museum for some “Wind in the Willows” action, having a picnic on the banks of the River Thames… The list goes on!

Mooring on the Thames
Mooring at Henley

I am imagining that whatever it is that takes your fancy may well include a combination of good food (al fresco or at one of the many gorgeous restaurants that Henley is bursting with), experimental wandering and the river. Everything somehow involves the river in Henley. Sweet Mother Thames.  You can even pay for boat mooring using the car park ticket machine! That’s boating dedication for you.

Life buoy
Life buoy

As a photographer living in Henley, I must say there really is something about the light and enchantment of Henley that makes my camera very happy. I feel incredibly lucky to have it all right on my doorstep.

I have put together a little selection of my Henley photographs to whet your appetite. To have a look at some more of my work and my often slightly random ramblings, you will find me here. If you would like a little bit of Illustrious Peacock on your walls then you can also pop over to my Etsy shop (offering 20% off all sales until the end of April 2013 with the code “springsprung”).


Sarah Lorrimer-Riley, aka The Illustrious Peacock
Sarah Lorrimer-Riley, aka The Illustrious Peacock

About the Author: Sarah Lorrimer-Riley (a.k.a The Illustrious Peacock) is a photographer, based in Henley-on-Thames. She loves daydreaming, red shoes, blossom on trees and she is slightly in love with Sir Ranulph Fiennes. She has worked with a number of clients, including The Chelsea Physic Garden, and has published several projects which include the much acclaimed “Tube Stories” series. As well as currently working on a book, she has a blog and also an Etsy shop.

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  1. Lovely! What a beautiful town we live in! You are right about the quality of the light. I never really thought about it before – perhaps it reflects off the water.

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