Radio marketing: advanced marketing strategy

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Radio Advertising
Radio Advertising

Radio, which is an affordable medium, can spread out to a large number of audiences. This is the only medium which can reach more than millions and trillions of people all around the world. It provides an ideal advertising medium for small scale businesses also. Radio advertising can even enhance your company’s image and product in a marvellous way if it is done in the right manner and at the right time and place.


Let’s look at some of the advantages of radio marketing.


Radio is a medium which is used by a vast audience. This medium can be used while driving, cooking, in garden and everywhere. Predominantly housewives are the audience who listen to radio more. They listen to the radio and simultaneously do their household chores. TV advertising necessitates people to sit in front of it. Taking case of web and print media, more focus should be dedicated to screens. Ultimately it means that we can listen to the radio and do jobs in tandem which will save our time too. We are updated about the commercial through radio which helps us know about news products available in the market.

Cost efficiency

Radio is a low cost medium for advertisement purpose. The only thing required will be the script and radio announcers. Advertising through this medium is much cheaper compared to television and other sources of advertisement. If you take the case of TV advertisements, it includes actors, stage setups, video equipment and studios etc. which are very expensive. But in the case of radio, as mentioned earlier, it needs only a creative script, reader and some good background music. Advertisements through radio can reach a large amount of people because the overall cost of radio is much less than any other devices.


Radio Advertising
Radio Advertising

Radio advertising allows a user to react instantly to changing market conditions. They can be created within a spur of time. The advertiser can make necessary changes instantly even few minutes before it goes on air. These radio commercials can be scheduled and produced in such a way that radio advertisers can change it whenever they wish to. Lines can be added or deleted according to the convenience and need.

Audience Range

Radio has a high set of audience who listen to it more than hours. Consumers spend more time listening to radio rather than sitting in front of television. Radio gives a company the ability to focus their message on a specific target audience. No matter how rich you are or how poor you are, each and every individual is lured by radio advertisements. Because the audiences range from normal person to a rich person, radio advertisement is a best source of increasing the demand of a product. The ability to reach a highly targeted and local audience makes radio stand apart in the field of advertising. Because of its effective reach, frequency and mobility, the listener is able to understand about his favourite product from any part of the world. Advertisers prefer radio advertising because it falls under their budget and also they can spread whatever slogans or information to their wishful customers. Yes. So ultimately, radio marketing can definitely be called an advanced internet marketing strategy because of the vast range of listeners it reaches.


Ebin Mathew
Ebin Mathew

Ebin Mathew is a freelance writer with over 10 years’ experience in affordable essay writing service. He is enjoying writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology, online business and travelling. Check our service for more details.

All images owned and supplied by Ebin Mathew, and then reproduced with his permission.

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