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 As part of my marketing strategy to promote my proofreading, editing & copywriting business, I spend some of my time networking. As a result, I have met some wonderful people working in all sorts of businesses. With my innate interest in “all things business” I invited Jayne Johnson, a recruitment consultant, to tell me her business story. Here it is…


Jayne Johnson
Jayne Johnson

I started Better People Ltd Recruitment after working in corporate and high street recruitment for 25 years. I knew there was a market for ethical and tailored recruitment for small to medium sized enterprises. I knew I could offer something more than was on offer for businesses currently. I know my business area very well, having recruited across the Thames Valley and London for most of my career.

My business growth has been achieved through targeted sales calls and mailshots, but the most effective has been referrals through word of mouth. These come about because people have used my service either as a candidate or as a client and they recommend me. I also meet people through my business networking groups who then recommend me to people they know.

My recruitment campaigns are different for each client. I work with each client to establish what is going to work best for them, what sort of assessments and profiling tools they might want to use – if any. I establish which interview questions will elicit the responses we are looking for. I take the brief, go away and only come back when I have around 3 suitable candidates for the client to interview.

I keep up with learning and employment legislation. I recently qualified as a Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant. This enhances the service I can offer my clients through more detailed knowledge of the candidates, saving them money on recruitment and enhancing individual and team performance.

What my clients say – “Jayne has saved me time and money – all the candidates I interviewed were suitable for the role. They all knew everything about us and the job. It was hard to choose between them”.

“We have struggled with this Practice Manager role for a while. Jayne came in, met with us and we didn’t have to do anything else until we interviewed the candidates. We would recommend her highly and will be passing on her details to other practices”.

About the Author:

Jayne Johnson has spent 27 years working in recruitment. Whether she has been running huge multi-million pound contracts for high street recruiters or supporting small to medium sized enterprises as their recruitment partner, it has all been about finding the right people for the job who will stay and add value to her client’s business.

She loves running her own business. It gives her the flexibility she needs to support her teenager who is doing GCSE’s and to continue her love-hate relationship with the gym. It also gives her the time she needs to carefully select her clients and candidates as people who reflect her ethics and values.

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