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As part of my marketing strategy to promote my proofreading, copywriting & blogging business, I spend some of my time networking. As a result, I have met some wonderful people working in all sorts of businesses. With my innate interest in “all things business” I invited Lesley Ann Gentry, Personal Stylist, to tell me her business story. Here’s how we did it…

Lesley Ann Gentry
Lesley Ann Gentry, Personal Stylist

My friends were “all agog” when I said I was having a meeting with a personal stylist! One of my friends would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for my session with Lesley Ann Gentry. Me – I was slightly apprehensive about revealing the inadequacies of my wardrobe to a lady with such an intrinsic sense of style. By the same token, I was actually quite positive about the process of editing my wardrobe and developing a new Lindsay look…

What’s a personal stylist?

Personal stylists help individuals understand which clothing styles suit their natural features and lifestyles. This boosts their confidence in the way they look and how they dress.

Lindsay- before the re-styling session...
Lindsay – before the re-styling session…

Lesley Ann is a stylish woman’s best kept secret! Trained at the Alicia Kite Academy of Personal Styling, Lesley Ann is savvy; she works with her clients’ existing wardrobes to create a new look, specific to their shape and lifestyle. She has an eye for developing an amazing new wardrobe – from just a few key pieces!

My forays into the high street had invariably left me feeling disheartened with the overriding notion of: “Why can’t they make clothes for my shape and size?” I do not believe myself to be out of the ordinary, but I could never seem to find the right clothes. I could go as far as saying I was of the “If it fits, I’ll buy it” brigade. My wardrobe, therefore, was a disorganised filing cabinet of clothes representing the various roles of my life spanning the last twenty years. Ugh!

How did Lesley Ann help?

Lindsay - Ready for a networking event
Lindsay – Ready for a networking event

As soon as Lesley Ann arrived, my initial feelings of embarrassment and apprehension evaporated. She was warm, friendly and charming… putting me completely at ease.

We started what turned out to be an enlightening session, by talking about the various roles I have in my life, and how I felt about shopping, my wardrobe and my body shape. When we arrived at the wardrobe edit, she gave me some really useful maintenance tips on how to look after my clothes, before we went through all the garments. Over the next 3-4 hours, we sorted my clothes into those that required alteration or recycling. The clothes that survived the process were re-hung in a tidy new wardrobe, organised by category. My wardrobe was now a tidy hanging space, with trousers, skirts, tops, jackets and coats organised from left to right. Bliss…

Throughout the editing process, Lesley Ann gave me sensitive and helpful feedback as to what worked – and what didn’t – and how the items could be accessorised. She also gave me tips on makeup, hair colour, earrings, tights, underwear, handbags, shoes… Together, we built up a shopping list of items which would breathe new life into some of the skirts, tops and trousers I already had. It was all refreshingly simple.

A while later, I received a report detailing everything we had talked about. Lesley Ann had even ventured into a couple of my local shops on my behalf! For me, perhaps the most valuable thing was Lesley Ann’s knowledge of the sizes and shapes that high street shops cater for. She told me exactly which high street shops to work with for my particular body shape.

My next shopping trip

Lindsay - Ready for coffee with the girls...
Lindsay – Ready for coffee with the girls…

After my meeting with Lesley Ann, I ticked off some of her recommendations. I now had new underwear; my ears were pierced; I had bought a long necklace forming a ‘V’ to cut the bust; I had new shoes and a handbag; I had also bought Boots No 7 primer cream and some pretty coral lipstick.

Next, I went shopping with my “fly on the wall” friend. This was a totally different experience! I knew from the report what I needed to buy – jeans, shoes, a couple of tops, some more jewellery – and, with this new-found shopping confidence, I knew which shops to head for. Success! Everything I needed was in East – just as Lesley Ann had predicted.

People around me have since noticed the difference in my style, too! I have received some wonderful compliments on my new Lindsay look…

What’s changed?

I now have a real appreciation of how to wear my clothes. I can shop with confidence, knowing where to go and what styles and shapes will suit me. One of the most enchanting changes of all is my attitude towards my clothes. I now take more care of them and actually feel heartened and energised when I look in the wardrobe and decide what to wear in the mornings! It’s as life should be…

If you would like to know more about how Lesley Ann Gentry can show you how to look fabulous all the time, visit www.lesleyanngentry or call 07860 244998. She would be very happy to meet you for a coffee and an informal chat about your styling needs.




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  1. Just managed to get around to reading this! I love the photos, you look great! Well done for being brave enough to let someone see your wardrobe! I am quite tempted myself, but I am sure they would be shocked!

    Currently in jeans an a black tshirt that says ‘Kong’ on it…perhaps not the most flattering! 😉

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