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As part of my marketing strategy to promote my proofreading, copywriting & blogging business, I spend some of my time networking. As a result, I have met some wonderful people working in all sorts of businesses. With my innate interest in “all things business” I invited Alison Oswald, Mary Kay Director, to tell me her business story. Here it is…

2013 06 Proofreader meets Alison Oswald Profile PicAlison Oswald, Mary Kay Director, started her career with Mary Kay, the world’s largest direct sellers of quality skincare and colour cosmetics, in New Zealand.

Celebrating its 50th birthday this year, Mary Kay is a multibillion dollar cosmetics business. Mary Kay’s international success is based on the premise that women empower other women to be successful, and this is supported by a robust recognition and rewards system.

Alison’s journey started when a lady approached her to ask her if she had heard of the Mary Kay brand, as she could see that Alison was using makeup to mask some skin blemishes.

Skincare experiences

Alison had always had problem skin and – up until that point – she had spent a fortune on skincare products but had found nothing to clear her skin. Her confidence was low and she truly believed nothing would help. The lady turned out to be a Mary Kay Consultant; she offered to visit Alison in her own home to show her how effective the product range could be at covering and removing her spots. What’s more… she could invite some friends over and make a night of it! Impressed by the products and with the comfort of the three-month money back guarantee, Alison decided to give the skincare products a try.

What happened next?

Alison winning Mary Kay diamond ring
Alison winning Mary Kay diamond ring

The results were immediate. Alison had a clear face within three weeks. She then embarked on a career as a Mary Kay Consultant, and her New Zealand business went from strength to strength; she won trips to China, Hong Kong and Australia. She even won a diamond ring after finishing 5th in the Australasia sales region. After that, she went on to become a Mary Kay Director building up and leading her own team of consultants.

When she returned home to the UK, she built up a brand new Mary Kay business. History – and experience – repeated itself, and she is now a Mary Kay Director for the second time.

Want to get involved?

Alison with her Mary Kay friends
Alison with her Mary Kay friends

Alison is fully committed to the Mary Kay business and its range of skincare and makeup products. Advising women about skincare and makeup in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes is a great business for all women. Whether they want to earn a little extra cash or build up a long-term career, there is full and flexible support for and from everyone involved. Alison has made some wonderful new friendships through Mary Kay and works among some very positive people.

For Alison, what gives her the greatest satisfaction is supporting women who, for whatever reason, may be low in confidence or who are looking to return to the workforce after having children. Alison knows first-hand that working with Mary Kay can give them a real confidence boost!

Alison is very excited about the direction of her business. She is actively looking for new Mary Kay Consultants to join her team. As Alison can testify, working with Mary Kay is a wonderful home-based business that gives you the freedom to work around your family and lifestyle.

If you would like to know more about how Alison can help you realise your potential by becoming a Mary Kay Consultant, or if you would like to know more about the Mary Kay range, please feel free to contact her through her Mary Kay website or call her on 07817 413025.


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Photos supplied by Alison Oswald with kind permission of Mary Kay.

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