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As part of my marketing strategy to promote my proofreading, copywriting & blogging business, I spend some of my time networking. As a result, I have met some wonderful people working in all sorts of businesses. With my innate interest in “all things business” I invited Sean Taylor, Group Managing Director of Ecocleen Services, to tell me his business story. Here it is…

Sean Taylor, Managing Director, Ecocleen Services
Sean Taylor, Managing Director, Ecocleen Services

Sean Taylor, Group Managing Director of Ecocleen Services, is a qualified accountant with over 14 years’ financial, commercial and strategic experience in the support services sector. His business partner, Paul Smith, has expertise in business improvement, operations and sales. In 2010, they combined forces to purchase Ecocleen Services, a nationwide B2B contract cleaning company, and they immediately relocated the business to Henley-on-Thames. Their shared goal was to build and develop a business for the next generation with like-minded, ambitious individuals. The business operates from regional offices throughout the UK which is the reason they can deliver a real – attentive – local service.

Over the last three years, Sean, Paul and their committed team have worked together to re-energise the sector, rebrand and put systems in place to take the business forward. Sean says Ecocleen is experiencing tremendous growth and no one has looked back.

Tell me about Ecocleen

Ecocleen support all sectors
Ecocleen support all sectors

Ecocleen is a contract cleaning company with a clear focus on green and innovative solutions. In today’s business climate, environmental factors have a significant effect on the way organisations are run. They are obliged to meet certain legal obligations, but nowadays their customers need to actually see them operating responsibly.

Ecocleen are ahead of the learning curve; they have been helping customers maintain a clean, hygienic and fresh environment for 20 years. They pride themselves on being flexible, customer-centric and adaptable. At the core of their business are three words:  Passionate – Service – Delivery.

What sets them apart?

They use market-leading equipment and eco-friendly supplies to deliver a safe and secure service in almost every environment. They clean thoroughly and effectively without chemicals. There are no safety issues or safeguarding problems, no toxins – and no strong smells!

Who do they work with?

Ecocleen are geared up to operate and deliver a tailored service across all sectors. Their client base includes hotels, visitor attractions, retail and leisure. Currently, they are having a lot of success within the education, health & social care and professional services sectors.

2013 05 Proofreader meets Sean Taylor stairs pic
Secondary school

Within the education sector, there is a move towards gaining eco-school credentials. Schools and colleges are becoming increasingly aware that healthy and environmentally friendly facilities foster both academic achievement and staff wellbeing. With this in mind, they are developing strategies to improve student and staff health at the same time as reducing their impact on the environment. A number of academies are also voting with their feet, and using their new-found freedom to build cherished relationships with local cleaning contractors.

Another sector experiencing change is Health & Social Care. The Care Quality Commission are now regulating GP’s and other primary medical services to ensure, amongst other things, that people are protected from infection and the buildings and equipment are clean. Ecocleen have the knowhow and the specific expertise to support doctors, dentists, care homes and other domiciliary care services to ensure the standards are met.

They really listen… and they care

Ecocleen recently rebranded
Ecocleen recently rebranded

What makes the guys at Ecocleen different, is they do not sell their business to win new clients; they leave that to the powerful branding and the enviable reputation. When they meet potential clients for the first time, they listen to their pain; they find out why the business has become disenchanted with their current contractors. They respond with a carefully tailored plan designed to encompass and meet the needs of the client, the environment, the public and the staff.

What does the future look like?

Sean and Paul take pride in both their business and their staff. In 2010 they set out to build a business they can hand over to the next generation. When I met Sean at his smart – and green – head offices in Henley-on-Thames, they had just secured their largest ever contract with an annual value in excess of £1m. A big win and something they are all proud of. The indications are that the future of the business is secure, exciting and environmentally friendly for the next generation.

If you would like to know more about how Ecocleen can help your organisation meet its environmental and cleanliness goals, visit Alternatively, give their head office a call on 0845 874 0247. They would love to hear from you.

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