Ghost blogging – What is it?

Ghost blogging is a content writing service provided by ghost bloggers (or ghostwriters) for their clients.

Time is of the essence. As a business owner you might not have the time, the specific skill set or even the inclination to write content for your website or blog.

Ghost blogging is a way of providing you with coherent, relevant and timely blog content for your website.

How does ghost blogging work?

The content can be created from scratch, based on a close working relationship with you. Lindsay could work with you to create a blog content plan based around specific ideas, themes, concepts and key dates in your business calendar. Alternatively, ghost blogging can take the form of rewriting, revising or reconstituting original content and converting the material into professional blog posts designed specifically for your target audience. As your ghost blogger, Lindsay’s task is to write in your business’s style and tone of voice.

Want to see ghost blogging in action?

Lindsay recently worked with garden designer, Cathy Cornish at Wild to Wonderful, to smarten up Lindsay’s rather scruffy garden pond area. Here is the first, second and third in a series of four blog posts charting the progress of this project from Lindsay’s perspective as the client. (The fourth and final blog post is due in late Spring 2014.) Perfect content for Cathy’s target market! Once the blog post was tagged, categorised and ready to go, Lindsay supported it via a relevant and carefully crafted social media campaign to promote it.

In this case, the ghost blogging was transparent in that it was clearly written by Lindsay and was posted as content on Cathy’s website. In another situation, Cathy could have provided Lindsay with eg. tips for preparing your garden for Spring. Lindsay’s role would be to convert Cathy’s expert tips into a useful blog post designed to bring traffic to the Wild to Wonderful website.

Interested in bringing traffic to your website through blogging and social media? Please email Lindsay at to let her know what you have in mind.


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