Proofreading: it’s been a year…

Well, it’s about time!

I started my proofreading service,, last summer. Since then, I have proofed numerous projects which have included: brochures, newsletters, invitations, websites and slide decks for a high profile marketing agency; blogs for a business coach; terms and conditions for a jewellery company and even an e-book about elephants! So, one week I could be proofreading a blog about industrial espionage; the next, learning about the charming and quaint behaviours of African elephants roaming the savannah.

My love of “getting things right” has been a feature throughout my working career. My interest in words and how they appear on the page, the grammar as signposts for the reader and how the text appears on the page, sits naturally with my genuine desire to see communications deliver their message with clarity.

Proofreading was a natural fit. It could be described as an intellectual game. Can my fresh pair of eyes capture some errors that the copywriter has missed? I know from my own experience that, when I was writing content for my website, I read the text over and over and – convinced that I had crisp, clear copy – I sent it to my editor/friend, confident in the knowledge that she would find nothing. You guessed it; she found one or two little blighters that had got past me!

It’s been nearly a year since I started proofreading. I thoroughly enjoy it, and am keen to do more; I love my role as the “fresh pair of eyes” at the end of the writing process.

I will blog from time to time about various things connected and unconnected with proofreading….

Watch this space – and thanks for reading my first foray into blogging!

Think I am going to like this.

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  1. Hello, Lindsay
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! and Welcome back to the blogosphere!
    Wow! Proofreading such a wide range of content sounds like a very enjoyable job. As someone who loves to read, I envy you :)

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