Homepage Headlines: Has yours got ‘Pulling Power’?

What is ‘pulling power’?

Search engine optimisation

It’s the ability to attract and influence other people. In my day, it was a term used to describe men and women – and their appeal to the opposite sex.

Nowadays it’s all about effective search engine optimisation and each website page’s attractiveness to the search engines and, in particular, to Google. The more pulling power the website has got when it comes to Google, the more traffic you get to your website. Simple.

Facing Facts

A few weeks ago, I addressed my own truth that my website was getting plenty of traffic from my social media and networking activities, (fine by me!) but I needed to give it a makeover. It needed a new suit – and a new homepage headline – to fire straight at Google and to talk to the target market that sat outside my social media and networking community.

Search engine optimisation
Making your website visible to Google

The website needed more pulling power where Google was concerned, if it was going to bring in traffic and enquiries from people outside these communities.

There were a number of elements at play already: links to/from other websites; quality content; Google+; social media activity… but one thing that also made an impact on this website’s pulling power was the homepage headline


Homepage Headline

I met a ‘website doctor’ for a cup of coffee. This lady knew about my business activities, and how I use social media to drive traffic to my clients’ websites. I asked her what homepage headline she would use to sum up my business.

“Lindsay,” she said. “Head up your website with ‘Want to bring web traffic to your website or home page?’ and you solve your target market’s pain in one fell swoop”.

The website doctor had given me an awesome painkiller.

What happened next?

Search engine optimisation
Searching on Google

The new headline had the “Ah! I’ve found what I’m looking for” factor.

Homage must be paid to the other factors at play because SEO considers all these activities in combination, but the headline (11 straightforward words) did its work to catch the attention of Google.

You could say that Proofed by Linds has been asked out…

  • Increased traffic to the website
  • Enquiries from potential clients outside my regular community
  • Invitation to be featured on the Guardian small business website (link to follow when the article is published)
  • Requests to write articles from high profile businesses

I have even had a request for one of my articles to be translated into Hebrew!

Has your homepage headline got ‘pulling power’?

A successful homepage headline has three distinct benefits:

  1. Focus – Keep the headline straightforward. If you save people time, gear your complete headline around saving their time.
  2. Relevance – The headline must relate to the content on the homepage. The two elements work in combination.
  3. Benefits – Let the visitor know immediately you can solve their pain.

With the help of the Website Doctor, I was able to produce my headline relatively quickly. (Thanks, Doc!) The trick is to find the one sentence that draws all the strands of your service together and then to phrase it carefully. You might be surprised how changing your homepage headline can make an extraordinary difference.

Anything you would like to add? Have you changed your homepage headline and increased your website’s pulling power?

If so, please share your comments in the box below. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you.


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  1. I know your advice is spot on and I have started down this path about…12 times only to get distracted by the technology itself before giving up and thinking, when I change the website, I’ll get that bit right…think I’ll make another attempt. :) Good advice as always.
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    • Glad you liked the article, Vanesssa. Thank you for commenting and for sharing so widely. That’s really appreciated. As for the buttons… definitely worth checking out if Blogger has a similar facility. It does make sharing so much easier. Let me know how you get on!

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