Henley blogger is shortlisted for two blogging ‘Oscars’!

UK Blog Awards - Finalist Blogger
Shortlisted – UK Blog Awards 2014

That’s me!

I’m over the moon.

Me and my blog have become firm friends, and I am delighted we have been shortlisted for not one but two(!) of the UK Blog Awards 2014.

It all started eighteen months ago

One of my earliest blog posts was published in October 2012. It was all about networking, likening the experience to a rollercoaster. The feedback, online discussion and subsequent sharing across social media blew me away.

I already had something of a love affair with social media and networking, but this online interaction through blogging was a whole new world. I started blogging around once a month after that, always staying within the subject areas I knew best. I have several personal favourites when it comes to my blog posts, but the one about Auntie Norah is a bit special. I can’t imagine what she would say if she could see me now..!

Perfect storm

Henley blogger - 'perfect storm'
Lindsay’s blog – a perfect storm

If you look at my LinkedIn profile, you will see I have a business and corporate background. Whilst all my roles suited the time we were living in, it actually feels as if – for all that time – I was actually “treading water” waiting for what can only be described as today’s perfect storm. The combination we have today of networking, social media and blogging work together perfectly. We get along like a house on fire!

Entering the UK Blog Awards 2014

So, to cut an eighteen month old (blogging) story short, I entered my ‘Business Talk’ blog category into the Digital & Technology and the PR, Marketing, Media and Communications UK Blog Awards. I was not to know it at the time, but over 900 other blogs entered the awards too! These awards were billed as the ‘Oscars of the blogging world’ and it was up to the public to vote.

I did some work through Twitter (@McLoughlin33), LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook to encourage my network to support me. However, when the results came in, ‘Business Talk’ had been shortlisted for both of the awards into which they had been entered.

Me – and my blog – were both speechless!

From what the organisers have said, the public vote was overwhelming. They had to expand their bandwidth three times in order to accommodate the voting participation.

Lindsay's 'School Gates' blog post
Lindsay’s ‘School Gates’ blog post

To be shortlisted is a great achievement which could not have been done without my networks and social media. The winners for each category will be announced at a glitzy Awards Ceremony on Friday 25th April 2014 at the Grange Hotel in St Paul’s, London. I am looking forward to meeting the other finalists; I can’t wait to hear their blogging stories. The judges’ line-up is pretty stunning too! When I get my speech back, I will take myself out shopping for an appropriate outfit for the “Dress to Impress” dress code.

Talk about rollercoasters! The journey with my blog has been like nothing else I have ever done before; I had no idea that my perfect storm would take me direct to the UK Blog Awards!

Thanks to everyone who has put me – and my blog – into the spotlight. And best wishes to all the other finalists… It’s going to be quite a night!


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Lindsay McLoughlin has a love affair with social media. She combines these tools to great effect with her other big love – blogging! She runs a copywriting, blogging, editing and proofreading service at www.proofedbylinds.co.uk. She loves talking to and interacting with anyone that will “listen” over social media. Check out her blog at www.proofedbylinds.co.uk or connect with her on social media. She’d be delighted!

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    • Thank you, Vanessa. It feels very gratifying to know there is an interest “out there” on the worldwide web for my words. I have learned a lot from you and the other people in our blogging hub. Thanks for setting that up. It has been a strength all round.

    • Hi Lysette – Thank you. It’s a lovely feeling to know that it’s not just me who likes reading what I write! I’ll let you know how April goes. Just to be shortlisted is a treat in itself. Again, thank you for your comments and good wishes.

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