Guest blog…great! Um, what now?

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Guest blogging at is very welcome.

My second guest is Lisa Steyn, aka the Cape Town Copywriter, from South Africa. I “met” Lisa through blogging; we have become electronic penpals. I caught a couple of her posts, “liked” them, and then invited her to guest blog. Here’s what happened next…

Day 1

I am on fire! It’s the New Year and I’m bouncing around with enthusiasm…yes I am ready to take on the world (even my poor husband has a hard time keeping up with me!) That super energy wave results in my blog being unleashed on the world. Whoa…goal!

Day 2

6am (I blame this on child) – I sneak off to my computer (I have been banned due to excessive blog mania). I open my email – I am a serious blogging queen! I have two, yes really, two likes on my first post. I’ve hit the big time now…you get my drift here of peppered sarcasm? Off I go to vigorously like other posts and find some really interesting stuff. This is the life.

10am – Another victory…second blog post done and dusted! I have to almost physically restrain myself from bombarding people every half hour with my written word. I rationally tell myself that there comes a point where people will want to shoot me for irritating them with constant messages (luckily my marketing hat is working today). Wait, there are 2 likes AND a follow on my second post. How can my heart bear this excitement? Just need to lie down and breathe.

Sooo Excited!
Wow! I’m on fire! Supplied courtesy of Microsoft Office Images.

6pm – I ask my husband to please check my heart as I think I’m having a heart attack. ‘No’, he says calmly, “You are fine!”. Now that I know I am not having a heart attack…I stalk back to my computer. Not only have I still got my amazing two likes, and one astronomical follow, I have also been asked to guest blog…hence the reason for my near death experience from excitement. I am a rock star and fame is just around the corner for me! Lindsay McLoughlin has asked me; yes me, to please be a guest blogger. At this point I am absolutely sure that I am going to go stratospheric in the blogging world. I excitedly go back to Lindsay with a resounding YES please! I am amazed at the friendly support and the honour of being asked. Tomorrow is the day I will tackle this.

Day 3

6am (yes child again…or is it addiction?) – back with my new best friend, the computer. I grab my tea and settle down to write an amazing article for Lindsay. Ok, I’ll just quickly check my emails and then come back to it.

Day 4

What have I done?
What have I done? Image supplied courtesy of Microsoft Office Images.

10am – Oh my word what am I going to say?

Day 5

11am – Seriously, what am I going to write about?

Day 6

5pm (can you see the pattern here in time?) – Eureka! I’ve got it! I’m going to write about my first dip into guest blogging! The result…I’m sure you can see how important I’m going to be in the blogging world based on this one article alone. Yes? Can you feel it?

6pm – I’ve cracked it…let me just read over it and check it (I am a proofreader after all). Anxiety…I can’t send this, Lindsay is going to hate it. Affirmation…no it’s fine, she’ll enjoy having a bit of a laugh. Anxiety! Affirmation! Anxiety! Affirmation! Eventually acceptance – let me just send it and see!

6:10pm – There it goes. Need. To. Have. Drink.

Let’s just wait and see!

What’s the point of all this rambling?

Ok, I’ll try and be serious now! The ultimate point to this article, diary or rant (you decide) was to show thanks to fellow bloggers, and especially to Lindsay. I have been amazed at the network of supportive people…everybody genuinely wants to help each other. That’s a real rarity today. I flip through ‘Freshly Pressed’ and when something catches my eye I immediately show my support to give a blogger a boost and a positive word. We all need that at times. This is a general theme of all bloggers, definitely not just me.

Thank you Lindsay for the opportunity and here’s to bloggers uniting!

As I’m sure you gathered from my ‘amazing’ amount of likes, I have a long way to go. The beauty and excitement is in the journey to getting there. But with support like this we can all go a long way!

Please feel free to visit my blog. Thank you.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I remember my own angst and trembling! Then I got into the, “Well, how about a few guest bloggers every month, theme weeks?” And now I have a load of new friends (you, for one!) and a broad exposure. I love guesting and I love having guests. And I especially love to hear that one of my guests has “connected” with one of my long-time friends. It’s a win-win!

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