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Interested in guest blogging? You would be very welcome. I am looking for posts of around 250+ words.




Guest Blogging

You can write about anything business/marketing/news related on my blog, as long as it is
relevant, original, current – and a great read. Let’s stop readers in their tracks.

As a lover of words, I would like the post to be eye-catching, with subheadings to break up the copy, and correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Please also include a 50 words bio, with two links to your website or social media.

Please note I might request and/or make edits to your copy prior to publishing, just to ensure everything is “present and correct”. I am looking for well written copy, not published elsewhere, with sound structure and good focus. I also retain the right to polite decline guest posts requests.

As a singer once remarked at his own pop concert, “This is my show!”

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Please email with your copy as an attachment, using “Guest Blog” in the subject line.

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