Did you watch the London Marathon this morning?

London Marathon runner
London Marathon runner

I did. I watched 35,000 runners – with double Olympic champion, Mo Farah, at the front – cross over the starting line at Greenwich in the London Marathon 2013. This year was particularly poignant as, only days before, people had been killed and seriously injured at Boston’s Marathon Monday. One was an eight-year-old boy. Tragic. The black ribbons and the minute’s silence at the start of the race were a powerful sign of solidarity.

My offline friends can testify that I am not a runner… It’s true; I am not particularly athletic. I am “built for comfort, not for speed” but I do like to get out for a healthy, country walk. However, they might say I can write. Even better, they might say I can put out a blog post that’s fit to go the distance.

So, wearing my “blog-coloured glasses”, when I watched the runners this morning I saw 35,000 fit and healthy blog posts cross the starting line. Along with the marathon elite were the usual fundraisers, joggers, wheelchair racers, club runners and fun runners in their extraordinary fancy dress.

Marathon spectators
Marathon spectators

Every athlete had their own reasons for being there, their own drivers for surmounting the challenges of getting around the course. According to the London Marathon, 34,500 entrants were expected to cross the finishing line. Like “winning” blog posts, their journeys around the 26 mile route had been planned and prepared with their own individual and distinctive drive and determination.

Finishing line
Finishing line

At every marathon, the runners talk about the support they receive from the spectators willing and cheering them on to the next landmark, through the next mile. These are the blog post’s fans, followers and friends – the very people who will like, share and comment on their writing, giving them the power, confidence and enthusiasm to make it round the next bend.

Please, readers, give this little blog post a “friendly wave” on its way past. Its feet might not be sore, but – like the athletes – it is hoping to make it to the finishing line!

Photo credit: Kim T and Adam G / Foter.com / CC BY-ND, Photo credit: Julie70 / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND, Photo credit: Kim T and Adam G / Foter.com / CC BY-ND



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6 Responses to Did you watch the London Marathon this morning?

  1. I am happy to support fellow bloggers. The Vancouver Sun run is happening right now with the largest turnout ever in support of the Boston tragedy. Like you, I am blogging instead of participating.

  2. Running a marathon’s a tad tougher than writing a blog, though curiously I have more self-discipline when it comes to committing to completing the first than to maintaining the second! (I wasn’t running yesterday, BTW – just seven gentle miles accompanied by a week’s Archers podcasts, followed by 12 miles on the bike.)

    • Thank you, Eugenie. You’re right about marathon runners definitely tipping the “tough” scales. There is no comparison. However, when it comes to planning when, how often and where you want your blog to take you, there are similarities. Well done to you for your exercise yesterday. I’m now following your blog, and will look forward to seeing them come through in the reader.

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