Business blogging, social media, copywriting, editing/proofreading & LinkedIn services

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Business Blogging & Social Media Services: 

1. Blogging for your business (Ghost blogging)

Lindsay creates fresh, engaging blog content for your business. Alternatively, she can proofread/edit or reconstitute existing content ready for your audience.

After publishing, Lindsay carefully distributes the blog content across your social media profiles (including appropriate groups) with enticing and appropriate messages to encourage web traffic back to your website.

Please check out her Ghost Blogging page for more information about this service.

2. Writer meets… (Raising your online profile)

servicesLindsay writes a blog profiling series designed to help you raise your business profile online. The blog post is based on an interview or an experience of your services. Once the content is confirmed, Lindsay publishes the blog post to her ‘Writer meets…’ blog category, and distributes the content across social media. She also shares tips/hints on how you, the client, can also share and distribute the content through your own networks.

This service works really well for clients already familiar with social media to promote their business, but it also helps business professionals who are just starting out on these platforms. (This service is also open to job candidates looking for innovative ways to to raise and spread their online profiles.)

Please check out her Writer meets… blog category to see some examples.

3. Blog content planning 

Lindsay can help you plan a blog content schedule specifically for your business. The content can be geared towards your client personas to address their specific ‘pain points’, and then organised according to key moments in your business calendar.

4. LinkedIn 1-1 Training (90 minutes) 

If you have a LinkedIn profile but you are unsure how best to make this platform work best for your business, Lindsay runs 1-1 LinkedIn training sessions.

These sessions move people from the “What is it?” and “Must I?” stage. Lindsay can show you how to operate within LinkedIn to the best of your business advantage.

Copywriting & Editing/Proofreading Services

1. Copywriting 

Lindsay can take your target messages, inject some personality and talk from the root of your brand through words, phraseology and written content in a way that positively engages with your target market. She has produced copy for websites, newsletters, e-shots, client testimonials, customer mailshots and management case studies for training purposes.

2. Editing/Proofreading 

If you have written some business/marketing material, Lindsay can support you through proofreading/editing. She will correct mistakes and grammatical errors but, with her flair for words, she will bring back enhanced copy through editing the content as appropriate.



Lindsay’s hourly rates for her services are very competitive. She can also provide a fee for larger projects and services. People have said they find her very easy and flexible to work with – as well as being extremely good value. Lindsay has made blogging, copywriting, social media, editing and proofreading work for her and her business; she’d love to do the same for yours.

Please get in touch with Lindsay via the contact form or across social media to start a conversation about how she can help you. Thank you.