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  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Thanks for a great reminder about the power of email marketing.

    It’s really easy to assume that in this “social media world” it’s not effective. If anything I find totally the opposite.

    For the bloggers out there it’s even easier. You’ve already written some great, useful, content that your “list” will enjoy. Sharing the best articles with them means they see your email newslettter and it’s full of helpful material.

    • Hi Jon – This was my first foray into email communications and it has been nothing if not entirely positive! I see my newsletter as a true and direct connection between me and my list. Have to say it is also very gratifying if readers enjoy the newsletter – and the links! Thank you for commenting and for your kind words.

  2. Enjoyed this blog post and will think about including tips/valuable information more often in my future newsletters and whether I can finally make the leap into blogging in 2014. Congratulations on your first newsletter received today – very professional!

    All the best.


    • Thank you, Nikki. Pleased to hear you found the blog post helpful, and for your lovely feedback about the newsletter. I have just now subscribed to your RG10 newsletter and will be looking forward to being on the receiving end. Good luck, and best wishes for Christmas and 2014.

  3. Great post. Sending too many emails gave emails a bad name, but the truth is, it’s still the most common way for businesses to communicate. Whether I’m speaking to internal audiences or external ones, email is one of the best ways of doing it.
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    • This has been a great experience, Debra. We are told to communicate to our target market in the places where they hang out. This could be Twitter, Facebook etc, but communicating right to their inbox makes enormous sense. That’s definitely where they are! As you say, you do not want to bombard people, but once a month seems about right. Thank you very much for commenting. Loved hearing from you.

    • That’s a pleasure and thank you for your comments. I am so pleased you found this post so helpful. That’s what blogging is all about! Good luck with the newsletter… As I write this, there is another email marketing post in draft and on its way. Watch this space!

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