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Welcome to the World, Your Royal Highness

The gates at Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace gates


“Welcome to the World!” Your Royal Highness (Baby) Prince of Cambridge!

BBC TV News Presenters - delivering news via traditional methods
BBC TV News Presenters – delivering news via traditional methods

Welcome to your future kingdom and a life of royal celebrity – and social media.

I’ve got a story to tell you about how times change…

On 21st June 1982 I was sitting in a London theatre with a friend of mine, watching “Barnum” with Michael Crawford. Phineas Taylor Barnum was introducing his circus acts to the audience, proclaiming “There is a sucker born ev’ry minute”. The show was colourful, fun, vibrant and full of energy. We were all on our feet showing our genuine appreciation for what was a mighty fine show!

And d’you know what happened when the curtains came down?

Michael Crawford waited until the final applause had died away – and then he told us! “Baby Wales” – the eagerly awaited royal baby – had arrived at 9.03pm. Now, that really did put a fresh and – if I might say it – royal spin on the recently sung “Born ev’ry minute” song! We were on our feet again but, this time, for a totally different and positively momentous reason.

After the show, my friend and I made a beeline for Buckingham Palace. The royal announcement was pinned (quite crookedly, I seem to remember) to the palace gates: “Mum and baby are doing well”… Delightful!

Social media - at the touch of a button
Social Media Apps – at the touch of a button

Now, 31 years later, Baby Wales – Prince William – and Kate Middleton have their own “Baby Cambridge”.

How times have changed… The birth of your father was broadcast verbally via the traditional tv and radio news channels in the fastest and most efficient medium available for the time. Your own birth, three decades later, was also posted outside Buckingham Palace – and then distributed internationally and instantly via social media on a massive scale – at the touch of a button!

Royal baby news - reported by social media
Royal baby news – reported by social media

Your Royal Highness Baby Prince of Cambridge, you have been born into the world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest… I am hoping London’s theatregoers of today might be excused for silently tweeting, blogging, “liking” and sharing the news of our future King’s arrival via these social platforms when the news came through.

On Monday 22nd July 2013, we all want to be the first when it comes to news “hot off the Royal press”.

Please join me in welcoming baby Prince of Cambridge into the world with your own stories of how you heard of his safe arrival, and how it compared to receiving the news of Prince William in 1981.

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