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Writer meets… Blogging Specialist

As part of my marketing strategy to promote my copywriting & blogging business, I spend some of my time networking. As a result, I have met some wonderful people working in all sorts of businesses. With my innate interest in “all things business” I invited Alice Elliott, aka “The Fairy Blog Mother”, to tell me her business story. Here it is…


Alice Elliott
Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott’s background is in graphic design. In 2006, while trying to promote her first website, Alice was introduced to WordPress by her mother, and that was the moment she started to blog.

Blogging and WordPress were wonderful and completely new revelations to her!

Recognising that nobody else understood about blogging, Alice then made it her goal to learn WordPress like the back of her hand so she could tell the world how good it is.

In 2009, Alice reinvented herself as the Fairy Blog Mother with the primary objective to provide blogging information, training courses, explanations and guidance in everyday language to inexperienced and semi-experienced bloggers.

What is blogging?

In a business context, a blog is an extension to a business’s website which contains written articles that allow readers to comment online. Blog posts are used by businesses to create awareness, provide information, educate and entertain existing and potential customers about the business, thus setting the author up as the “go-to” person in that industry.

How can Alice help?

Alice has acquired an in-depth knowledge of how to create and use blogs mainly with WordPress. She understands and teaches blogging even from the “Must I?” stage, when people are reticent and nervous about embarking on this new marketing activity. Alice bypasses jargon by explaining to people – in ordinary words – how to blog simply. When they are up and running with a few posts under their blogging belt, she can take their skills to the next level – always at the blogger’s own pace.

What makes Alice’s blogging advice and training stand out?

Alice understands the complexities of blogging in a unique way. She is not a web developer, but rather a highly developed WordPress user. Her skill as a “front-end user” teaches bloggers how to manage WordPress in the user’s point of view. She converts technical jargon into have-a-go language, giving “newbie” bloggers the confidence to take the first step.

To reflect the moving culture of blogging, Alice is ahead of the curve. Her e-learning courses are delivered in a slideshow format using visual and brief soundbites for the learner blogger to watch, take a step and recap if they want to.

What kinds of businesses does Alice work with?

The practice of “blogging” operates in both the consumer and business markets. Alice’s advice, guidance and WordPress training is specifically geared towards bloggers at the beginner, introductory and intermediate levels. She has helped accountants, graphic designers, therapists, business coaches… and even me! She trained me on WordPress and she set up my blog on my new website.

What can Alice tell us about blogging trends for 2014?

Alice has a wealth of information when it comes to all things blogging, WordPress and social media. Blogging is about being helpful and providing information for the readers; Alice is a master at it. During our meeting we discussed how to embed YouTube videos into blog posts. A couple of hours later Alice had published a post on that very subject. Magic!

2013 was the year of the blog – the year of content. Words were important.

Alice predicts there will be two major trends for 2014:

1. Content reinvention. 2014 will be the year of what to do with the content you have written. It will be about taking that content and using it differently through images, videos and infographics. Brevity and visuals will be crucial to inbound marketing; videos will be used for their entertainment value, and slideshows will be used for their information content.

4 ways to reproduce your content you've been busy writing during 2013

2. Content curation. This is going to be one of the biggest buzzwords of 2014. It’s about researching expert tips from other places on the web, then repackaging that information in your own words or ideas for your audience.

What’s coming up?

Alice and Jean Wolfe, from Creative Spark, are running a “How to Kickstart your Blog for 2014” Workshop on 28th January 2014, and repeated on 20th February 2014, at the Bird in Hand Country Inn near Maidenhead. Further details can be found via this link to Alice and Jean’s video. This is your opportunity to learn about writing from Jean, and to put it all out on your very own blog with Alice’s help.

If you would like to know more about how Alice Elliott, aka The Fairy Blog Mother, can help you in your business, visit or email her on Alternatively, call 07889 723884 or 0118 958 5520.

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