Building a blog content plan? The secret’s in the seasons

Are you building a blog content plan?

What? How?
What’s in your blog content schedule?


What would you write about? What would it say? What would your first blog title be? 

I meet people every day who battle with these questions. They can see that blogging helps cast them in the role of expert in their given field, but they are wary about taking the first step.

Blogs are there to inspire, inform and entertain. If the content on your website changes regularly you are saying to your target market: “Hey! I have some new information here… Want to have a little read?”

Given that we are at the start of a new year, I thought I might kick things off by taking the liberty of making a few blog content suggestions that might suit particular professions at key moments throughout the year:


Month Profession Suggested Blog Content
January Career Consultant 12 steps to getting the job you really want
February Wedding Planner Plan the perfect summer wedding in six easy months
March Accountant Preparing for the tax year end
April Chocolatier How to make the perfect chocolate Easter bunny
May Nutritional Therapist Healthy holiday eating
June Personal Trainer Exercise: Why we love it
July Caterer 6 scrummy barbecue recipes your family will love
August Teacher Preparing your child for their first day at school
September Personal Stylist Dressing for your job interview
October Travel Agent Top 10 child-friendly holiday destinations
November Fireman Planning the perfect firework display
December Interior Designer Christmas wreaths make welcoming Christmas doors


The secret’s in the seasons

Bride's wedding bouquet
What would make ideal blog content for a wedding planner?

For a lot of different professions, the need for their services might rise and fall according to the time of year. It’s about tuning into your customers’ mindsets and telling them what they know exactly when they want to know it.

Let’s take February from the grid. Imagine the scenario… A young couple get engaged on Valentine’s Day. They announce to the bride-to-be’s mother that they wish to be married this summer. The wedding planner is right there with a blog about planning the perfect wedding in six easy months. How opportune!

The clues are in the seasons and the months of the year as to what you – in your profession – need to be communicating at that time. For a copywriter and blogger, my clients are planning and setting goals for the next twelve months. I am publishing this blog post just at the moment when clients and prospects are puzzling with the “What shall I write?” questions in the hope that my secrets in the season’s blog content post will be helpful.

Planning takes the angst away. Are you writing a blogging content schedule for this year? Which is the most notable month for your sector? What would be your winning blog title? Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts as in the comments section. I’d love to hear your ideas.


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10 Responses to Building a blog content plan? The secret’s in the seasons

  1. This is such a great post Lindsay. I have 2 x ‘local’ businesses – thebestof Worcester and thebestof Droitwich and this is just PERFECT for sharing with my members and other local businesses. (So I have – shared it widely!). I’ve also signed up to ‘National Awareness Days/Weeks’ alerts which helps me and my members to focus our minds on what else is happening that we can piggy back on. Worth a google! Thanks again, I’m connected on the social platforms with you now. :-)

    • Hi Mary – Thank you for your lovely comments – and for sharing the blog so widely via your “Thebestof” businesses in Droitwich and Worcester and across your social media! Thanks also for the National Awareness Day tip! Google’s my next stop…

  2. So smart Lindsay. Too often we can get distracted and time catches up with us before we know it. A blog calendar is such a great way to avoid the angst of mental blocks. If you have a great idea that isn’t captured in your calendar, then you can just add it, the worst that will happen is that you’ll have nice long list of ideas.
    Debra Yearwood would like you to read E-MAIL Versus CommunicationsMy Profile

    • Hi Debra – Yes, you are your own expert when it comes to your business. This means that you know which issues arise and when. Using these peaks and troughs as triggers can be a great help. Thank you very much for your comments, Debra. It was lovely to hear from you.

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