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Rick Holroyd, the headmaster at Langtree School, asked me to support him in a blogging project he was working on with a group of Year 7 students.

The students were being encouraged to write about anything book-related for a library blog. The brief for the blog was as broad as the internet itself. I joined the project at the halfway point, when the students had already explored my blog and researched some others.

I was only too happy to talk to the students about

– blogging as a concept

– who might read their blog posts

– how to write their posts (tone of voice)

– how to promote their posts via social media (content distribution)


The session was thoroughly enjoyable. The students were interested and engaged. Blogging and social media is their future. As Rick Holroyd and the staff at Langtree know all too well, today’s pupils are being educated and prepared for jobs that have not yet been invented.

I checked their website a few days later. Are they blogging? Yes, they are!

We might have several new blogging enthusiasts on our hands here in Oxfordshire. My congratulations and best wishes to Langtree School. I loved supporting you in your exciting new project. Keep the blog posts coming. If it gives you even half the satisfaction I gain out of writing mine, you’re onto a winner!

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4 Responses to Blogging for your School

  1. This is wonderful!

    Of course there’s no need to teach kids how to blog now because it’s a 6th sense for them, but it’s important they understand the correct format and procedures of blogging so that they create worth-while and interesting contributions we would all like to read.

    I’d like to see every child taught properly about blogging and what it can do in relation to social networking in all the schools throughout the country.
    Alice Elliott would like you to read 16 points to consider when writing a blog post headline [infographic]My Profile

    • Thank you, Alice. It was a wonderful project. The students were so keen and the blog posts they have since published is the “proof of the pudding”! I shall be watching with interest. Hopefully the presentation will inspire other schools to follow suit.

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